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How To Make Her Orgasm Fast

How To Make Her Orgasm Fast!

Do You Care About Her Pleasure and Want To Make Her Orgasm Fast Every Single Time You Have Sex or Make Love?

If you want to bring your woman to orgasm fast every single time? Learn how to make her orgasm so intense and pleasurable with this one single tip, that:

  • She'll want to have more sex with you (and only you.)
  • She'll feel more secure, open up and be willing to experiment with you more.
  • She'll eventually be able to have multiple orgasms with you.

Sound to good to be true? Believe us, it's not. You don't have to believe me, but here's why you should:

  • I am a woman writing this and I know what makes me orgasm fast.
  • I won't lie. I've had enough partners and orgasm toys to know what works and what doesn't. I know what turns me off and what can INSTANTLY STOP me from having an orgasm.  These are "must-know" big bad orgasm-buster tips that all women only wished their man knew, but are often "too shy" or "too afraid to offend" to tell them.
  • Finally, you should know that I was once a woman that couldn't orgasm. I didn't even know how to make myself come until I discovered "this little secret" that can actually make the most un-orgasmic woman come. And yes, even women that have never had an orgasm.

I actually call it my "secret weapon." It makes me orgasm faster than anything possibly can, or ever possibly could. So what is this magical secret weapon? I'll cut to the chase for you because the sooner she's coming, the sooner you'll both be happy.

It's simply, a bullet vibrator. That's it???  "Yes, That's it!!!"


The fastest way to making your woman have an orgasm is via clitoral stimulation. In fact, most women CAN NOT HAVE AN ORGASM WITHOUT IT!  

Now you may be thinking you already knew that, but here's what you may not already know.  No tongue, no hand or finger is faster vibrating than a bullet vibrator.  This is what makes the bullet vibrator able to make women come so quickly.  Yes, you could use your hand, and yes you can use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris and eventually this may bring her to orgasm... but it might not either.  And it may take forever to bring her to orgasm, which doesn't leave you with much stamina or energy for sex.

Screaming O Bullet VibratorWhat you might not know either (or perhaps you do) is that many women are uncomfortable or too self-conscious to allow their men to perfrom oral sex on them. Others may feel having a tongue or a finger in their intimate areas is un-hygienic.  A frisky finger or mouth can also be painful. (Just as it is for you when tugged too hard, rubbed the wrong way, or nibbled on in a not-so-friendly way on your senstive parts.) For women, these all have the potential to completely turn them off, which makes having an orgasm virtually impossible!

You see it's not about your size and it's really not even really about your technique. It comes down to how she likes to be touched, and also with getting just the right amount of stimulation in just the right spot, without overdoing it.  A bullet vibrator gives the exact amount of vibration, weight / pressure and intensity needed for the clitoris to make her come super fast.  And the best part is, neither the bullet vibrator or you will tire in the process of making her come (yet another orgasm-disaster in the making.). By using a bullet vibrator to stimulate her clitoris, you'll have 100% of your energy and stamina during sex which will please the both of you even more.

So, Just How Fast Can You Make Her Orgasm?

It could take up to several minutes using the bullet vibrator for the first time as you'll want to experiment with it to test her sensitivity to it.  But, after the first or second time of using it to stimulate her clitoris she could be on her way to having orgasms in less than 1-2 minutes.  For some women, it can even happen in less time,... literally in just seconds. Yes, I'm serious!  A bullet has the potential to make her come so fast, that you'll probably want to slow it down and enjoy the foreplay of teasing her with it (knowing full-well you'll be in control of making her orgasm happen when you both want it to happen.)

Your ability to make her orgasm at your will impress her. Your openess and being willing to try something new like a bullet vibrator will surprise her and even make her in-turn be able to open up to you more and be willing to try new things in bed.  Lastly, if you can give her incredibly intense orgasm every time, she'll be thinking of you and only you when she's in the mood for more.  It doesn't get any better than that!  Okay... maybe it does because I forgot to mention the part about multiple orgasms.

You'll only need to use your bullet vibrator a few times before knowing how to make her orgasm fast every time. Once you've gotten to know the sensitivity of her clitoris a bit better, you'll be able to attempt giving her multiple orgasms with the bullet vibrator. After the first orgasm is experienced, simply give her clitoris some time (2 - 15 minutes) to relax and re-sensitize. Then you can try re-stimulating her clitoris with the bullet vibrator, or combine sex with clitoral stimulation using the bullet to bring her back to orgasm the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more times.

The Every-Womens Secret Weapon To a FAST Orgasm; The Best Bullet Vibrators

Working for has given me the great privelege of testing them all. I have 3 favorites to share with you. All 3 are equally fantastic and have sky-rocketed more women to a fast orgasm than NASA has sent into outer space!  Here's the bullet vibrators I personally love, guarantee me an orgasm everytime, and that I highly recommend:

The Screaming O Bullet Vibrator
Ecstacy Bullet Vibrator
Mega-mite Bullet Vibrator

Get That Extra Edge To Make Her Orgasm Fast... Buy a Bullet Vibrator Today! Trust Me, She'll Thank You For It, Over and Over and Over Again.