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How to Use Anal Beads

How to Use Anal Beads

Anal Beads

Everything you need to know on how to use anal beads.

If you've ever wondered about anal beads, you've came to the right place! Although anal beads were invented centuries ago in the Orient, they are used commonly today and considered one of the "best anal sex toys" for adults.  Anal beads are designed to give a unique sensation of pleasure, as your sphincter muscles open and close around the beads. Used by both males and females, anal beads are used to enhance orgasmic pleasure; and when withdrawn at the peak of orgasm, you may experience a climactic bliss unlike any other. If you're just discovering the joys of anal play, anal beads are definitely worth your while to try.

What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a sexual toy (sexual aid) in the form of a string or series of round or rounded-shaped beads (pearls) graduated along a flexible nylon string (also called a “cord” or “stalk”). Some anal beads are evenly sized and spaced apart, while others feature beads that gradually increase in size or shape from one end to another. There is typically a handle or ring at one end that is used as a grip for pulling out the anal beads.  Anal beads range of pliability from soft to firm, which depends on the material the beads are made with.

What are Anal Beads made from?

Anal beads are available in a variety of materials depending and range from soft
flexible jelly-types to firm rubber beads made of materials such as acrylics, vinyl, crystalline, crystalite, silicone, elastomer, as well as, even glass and aluminum metals. Sturdy silicone beads like Flexi Felix or classic Pearl Beads are hygienic, extremely comfortable, and easy to clean. Many anal beads are hollow spherical plastic shells with liquid or gel fills, than can be warmed or chilled prior to use. Liquid or gel filled anal beads can retain the cold or warmed temperature for a substantial period of time. The beads allow transfer of the heat or cold to the human body over a period of time during the use of the anal beads.

We recommend buying higher-quality beads made out of just one material, which are typically easier to clean and maintain than simple lower-quality beads on a string. 

How do Anal Beads Work?

Anal beads create a unique sensation as each bead is inserted or removed from your butt. Your sphincter muscles contract and relax around each of the beads which provides this unique sensation. There's no "one" specific way anal beads have to be used, which makes them fun to experiment with and discover the ways in which they can be used to best please you.  Some individuals love having anal beads slowly inserted and removed one by one; and others love having them removed all at once during climax to intensify their orgasm.

Anal Beads Do's & Don'ts:  Tips on How to Use Anal Beads

There is a well-known general rule of thumb when it comes to any type of anal play: “communication, lubrication, and relaxation.” 

1. Do Keep the Lines of Communication Open. Anal beads can be used alone or with a partner. In either instance, it’s important to always listen to what your body or your partner is telling you. If using with a partner, be sure to discuss each others interests and expectations about the anal beads. Describe to each other the experience you would like to have using descriptive words such as “soft”, “gentle”, “slow”, etc. Keep the communication going and don’t be afraid let your partner know if you need more lube, when you’re ready for another bead; when you are ready to climax or climaxing and would like them removed. Keep the excitement going using your words; try a little dirty talk. Encouraging your partner with compliments of their sexy ass will always help keep them relaxed, the excitement and momentum building.

2. Do Use Lubrication. The anus does not self-lubricate, which is why you will want to ensure to have a good lube on hand for your anal play and beads. Apply lube generously to your butt and the anal beads for easy insertion and comfort. We recommend a high quality, thicker water-based lube like Sliquid, or Astroglide. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, we recommend I.D. Moments Lubricant is designed specifically for sensitive skin types. Oil and Silicone based lubricants also work well with anal beads, but be sure to never use a silicone lube with silicone anal beads. Astroglide X is a highly recommended and popular silicone lube that is excellent for anal play. Apply additional lube as needed.
3. Do Relax and Breathe. An important key to enjoying the experience of anal beads is to first ensure you are relaxed and in the mood. If using your anal beads solo, get yourself into the mood and turned on first with perhaps a little erotic reading, magazines, video or visualization.  Using a vibrator will also help massage and relax the anus and sphinctor muscles.

If playing with a partner, perhaps start off with a relaxing massage or sensual body rub that works it's way down to your butt.  Explore talking sensually to each other, or dirty (be aware and sensitive to your partners needs, likes and dislikes.)

Whether playing solo or with a partner, remember to warm it up first. Touch, press lightly or massage the anal area and add lubrication in preparation. You may also want to use a vibrator or vibration toy to help stimulate and relax the anal muscles.

Tip: If you find you have a hard time relaxing, try having your orgasm first before you switch over to the anal play. This will help your body and muscles to be relaxed and ready. Always remember to breathe to prevent your body from tensing up.

Add some lubrication to the anal beads and to your butt. Take your time and insert the first bead. Stop for a moment, breathe, and let your body experience the sensation and pleasure and allow your muscles to adjust accordingly. Insert the beads slowly, one by one. Remember that you do not have to insert all of the beads. If using anal beads for the first time, try perhaps just a few beads to begin with and work your way up to rest.

With the beads inside you and your orgasm building, try to time their withdrawal with your climax. Gently pull the beads straight out (and avoid tilting them up or down.) Remember to be kind, sensitive and respectful to both your and your partners body.  Keep the experience positive and enjoyable, and you'll always look forward to the next anal bead experience.

Tip: For the best anal bead experience, also try incorporation secondary types of stimulation to other sensitive areas of the body such as your breasts and nipples, clitoris, penis, testicles, or perineum. Excellent toys you may want to consider are: Nipple Luscious Suction Toy, Nipplettes or Colt GripsVibrating cock rings or even the couples We-Vibe vibrator.

Important Anal Bead DON’T’s:

  • To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions, anal beads should not be used on swollen, inflamed or lacerated skin.
  • Do not use while bathing or in the shower (unless the product is labelled as Waterproof)
  • Do not use a silicone based lubricant with silicone anal beads. You should only use a water-based lubricant with silicone anal beads. Be sure to read the packaging for any special instructions regarding best lubricants to use with your anal beads.
  • Do not share use of your anal beads with another partner.
  • Do not quickly pull out or yank the anal beads to avoid anal tissue damage or injury.
  • Do not tilt the anal beads up or down when removing. Pull them straight out.

How to Care for your Anal Beads:

  • Wash your anal beads before and after every use.
  • To clean your anal beads, use hot water and an antibacterial soap or toy cleanser such as ToySafe Sex Toy Cleanser.
  • Make sure to wash and rinse a second time.
  • Always air dry and store in a safe place (always away from pets and children.)

How much do Anal Beads cost?

Quality Anal beads range in prices typically from $7.50 - $75.00

Is there a difference between Anal Beads, Anal Probes and Anal Plugs?

Although they are all anal toys, yes there are differences. Anal beads, as described above, or generally a string of beads that are inserted, then removed during climax. Vibrating Anal Beads are anal beads that have a bullet or a small vibrator attached in the bead for enhanced stimulation.

Anal Probes: are designed to be comfortably worn to create a feeling of fullness. They should be gently inserted and removed to heighten pleasure during orgasms. Anal probes come in multiple widths, lengths, shapes and materials; as well as are available in non-vibrating and vibrating styles.

Anal plugs: (also known as “butt plugs”) are designed to be comfortably worn to create a feeling of fullness. They should be gently inserted and removed to heighten pleasure during orgasms. Butt plugs come in multiple widths, lengths, shapes and materials ranging from silicone to metals. Some even adhorn bling like the Crystal Mini Aluminum Butt Plug. Anal plugs are available in both non-vibrating and vibrating styles.

So, are you ready to give anal beads a try?

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