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How to Use The We Vibe

We-VibeHow To Use The We-Vibe Sex Toy

The We-Vibe can be comfortably worn while you make love and can also be used for his or her solo play.

The new We-Vibe adult sex toy replaces an entire selection of sex toys because it is extremely versatile. It has the power of a large vibrator but is small enough to fit into a women’s contours and deliver direct stimulation to the Clitoris and G-Spot. The We-Vibe has no wires or straps to get in the way or ruin the mood. Leave your We-Vibe plugged in and charging so it will always be ready when you are. The We-Vibe fits women anatomically and is so slender and conforming that a penis or dildo can easily fit into the vagina along with the We-Vibe.

Watch an instructional "How To Use The We Vibe Video"

How to use the We-Vibe

How to use the We-Vibe Vibrator:

  1. Before using for the first time, ensure you have charged your We-Vibe for a minimum of 24hrs. The We-Vibe is rechargeable and is best used when fully charged.
  2. Wash your We-Vibe with mild soap and water or and Anti-baterial sex toy cleaner, both before and after use.
  3. We suggest using a lubricant when using the We-Vibe. Only use water based lube!
  4. Adjust the power setting to low or high speed and prepare to enjoy the thrilling sensations. (Note: The We-Vibe also comes with an instruction manual to show you how to turn it on / off and how to switch vibration settings.
  5. Insert the tapered, slender end into the vagina about 3 inches (8 cm) up to the bend. The flexible “C” shaped We-Vibe will easily open to an “L” shape when worn. The larger “Clitoral Pad” will nestle in between the labia and against the clitoris.
  6. With the We-Vibe in place, you are ready to make love with your partner. Or if playing solo... you know what to do next;)

What to expect when making love using the We-Vibe:

The We-Vibe's G-Spot stimulator has a tapered “tear drop” shape that will naturally add just the right amount of pressure and stimulation to your G-Spot  when a penis or dildo moves inside the vagina.

The We-Vibe's innovative shape contours to the women's intimate inner area and naturally nestles in to perfectly position itself onto the G-Spot. (No need to worry about finding the G-Spot as the We-Vibe does it all for you!) The We-Vibe is flexible, pliable, and will conform inside you to accommodate the shape of the vagina while making love in various positions.

The larger “Clitoral Stimulator” pad flexs back to gently rest onto the clitoris and the labia will conform over and around the We-Vibe. The We-vibe spreads the labia, to nestle in directly against the clitoris.

The powerful throbbing from the internal vibrator motor will directly stimulate the clitoris with the ideal climactic vibrations. The clitoral pad pleasure waves will provide added physical stimulation to the clitoris when the clitoral pad rubs against you while making love. There are two powerful vibration speeds to enjoy; high or low.

The We-Vibe’s two motors produce vibrations that penetrate the woman’s body. The vibrations from each motor will interact with the user to produce enhanced stimulating pulses we call “Harmonic Throbbing”. As you change the pressure on the We-Vibe while making love, the “Harmonic Throbbing” will dynamically change to match your rhythms. You will know what “Harmonic Throbbing” is once you have experienced it !

The extremely low profile in the vaginal entry area and the We-Vibe’s mirror smooth finish makes it virtually unnoticeable to the man with the exception of the powerful vibrations. Men take pleasure in the experience of a vibrating vagina and especially enjoy sharing in their partner’s climactic response to the We-Vibe’s deep and powerful Clitoral and G-Spot vibrations.

The We-Vibe can be worn while making love or while walking around the house as it will always try to stay nestled into the woman’s erogenous zone. It can be easily removed at any time.

We-Vibe Review:
"I was so excited to get my we-vibe because I had already heard so many great things about it from my friends that had purchased it. I was almost worried they had over-hyped it and that I was going to be disapointed. Let me tell you... O.M.G.!!! Both my husband and I were blown away. The we-vibe is fabulous. The first night we were going to try it out, I ended up using it solo (my hubby passed out asleep before I got back to the bedroom:| I'd recommend turning the we-vibe on FIRST before putting it in (otherwise you'll spend too much time trying to fiddle around with it and risk your partner falling asleep on you:) The two vibration modes were great for my solo play. Great clitoral and g spot stimulation. I could even feel the vibration in my butt -- which felt pretty darn intriguing on its own. I can see this we-vibe will have me exploring all new areas with regards to sex, new positions, etc. Although it was nice using it solo, I quickly realised why it's meant for couples. (You need your man inside you so that the we-vibe can press onto the gspot.) One of my concerns was that there wouldn't be enough room with the we-vibe, for my guy to "get in" sort-to-speak. I'm fairly petite and, well... let's just say he's not. No problems here though and he actually said he was able to go deeper inside me with the we-vibe in! Using it together was fantastic. Felt great for me, and for him too! We've been having a ton of fun experimenting with it on each other and figuring out new ways to use it. We discovered it's also awesome for nipple stimulation, and you can actually clamp your nipples with the vibrating tips. My hubby also really enjoys the feeling of it on his balls... under his balls on his perenium and around his cock. It can work nicely as a vibrating cock ring too. I highly recommend the we-vibe for couples and experimenting with it. We've had more fun with this sex toy already than any other toy I've ever owned. It's definitely re-ignited the spark for us and hope it does for you too!" ~ Shelly & Brian, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Helpful We-Vibe Tips & Tricks:

The We-Vibe works well in many sexual positions for both him and her. Many women find their favourite position is with the woman on top as it gives you total control of clitoral pressure, stimulation, thrusting and positioning. Try being on top wearing the We-Vibe in the standard placement as illustrated above; or for his added pleasure place one end of the We-Vibe under his balls and the other on the top of the base of his penis. This will give him wonderful sensations on the perenium, as well as direct clitoral stimulation for you by being in control on top of the We-Vibe.

The We-Vibe will run for more than two hours on “Low” speed and is quiet enough to be worn secretly under your clothes. Try making your next walk in the park, date night out with him, or long commute to work a little more exciting!

The We-Vibe is also great for womens Kegel exercises. The inner vibrations of the We-Vibe on your G spot help you to locate the Kegel muscles that need to be flexed and released to strengthen the vaginal muscles. The flexible nature of the We-Vibe gives your muscles something to work against as they contract. Finally! A type of exercise we can finally look forward to!

The We-Vibe has a safe medical grade silicone exterior and has no smell or taste. The silicone material used is a non-toxic and phthalate free material so you can rest-assured that the We-Vibe is 100% safe for use.

This high performance personal massager is designed to function reliably and have a long life of providing pleasure for the both of you.  It even comes with a 90 day manufacturer's guarantee.  The We-Vibe is an extremely versatile adult sex toy, so use your imagination, explore and have fun! Feel free to share your We-Vibe stories and testimonials in the comments sections of our We-Vibe page, and if you have any questions about the We-Vibe please contact us.

The We-Vibe Sex Toy Features:

  • 2 powerful motors
  • 2 speeds
  • Continuous silicone exterior
  • Waterproof soft pliable surface
  • Flexible and conforming core
  • Pleasure enhancing waves on Clitoral pad
  • G-spot stimulating waves on G-spot pad

We-Vibe Includes:

  • Travel Case
  • Charger (country specific)
  • Instruction sheet
  • 90 day Replacement Warranty

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We-Vibe Manufacturer's Details:

Material: Medical grade silicone (We-Vibe is a safe, non toxic, phthalate free vibrator)
Finish: Glossy
Colour: Purple
Size: 8.5x5x2.8cm (3.35x2x1.1inch)
Weight: 60 grams (2oz)
Battery: Rechargeable NiMH 450 mAh
Charging Time: 16 hours minimum 
Run Time: (high and low) up to 2 hrs
Standby: up to 60 days
Frequency: 50-80 Hz (3000-5000rpm)
Noise: (when in use) < 50db