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Sex Ed

Everything You Could Want To Know About Sex... All In One Place!

Sex Tips 101

Want to improve your love-making? Learn more about the different types of sex? or find answers and solutions to common sexual issues? Best of Adult Toy Store's Sex Tips 101 page offers you all this and more! Discover more about sex on: Sex Tips 101

Sex Jokes

Okay, so we know sex jokes doesn't really fall under the category of Sex Ed per say... (or do they?) Sometimes we find a lot of insightful humor in sex jokes thats informal (if not educating), so we've decided for now to list this collection of humorous sex jokes under this category.  Fair warning for the light-hearted that some of these jokes may offend; but we truly hope in any case that they instead give you a little something to smile about: Funny Sex Jokes

The Best of Adult Toys Blog

The Best of Adult Toys Blog offers insights and reviews on the most popular sex toys, interesting and entertaining articles about sex, love, romance, as well as publishes the Best of Adult Toys free monthly sex horoscope. Go to Blog: Best of Adult Toys Blog

Adult Toy Glossary & Sex Terminology

The Best of Adult Toys Adult Toy Glossary & Sex Terminology page has hundreds of references and definitions for popular sex toys and terminology. Not sure what a butterfly vibrator, pussy pump or dong is? Find out quickly & easily right here: Sex Toys Glossary